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Sponsorship Opportunities


Memory Care Series

January 2024: Haven Memory Care on Halcyon, Montgomery

Photographs and Memories

The memory care series focuses on using the arts, photography and painting in this project, to activate memories.  Photos are converted into watercolor prints, then into puzzles for residents of memory care facilities to complete.  Next, black and white copies of the photos are provided for residents to paint, using the original photos and watercolor prints as guides.


​FAAE is seeking individuals and organizations to help cover costs of supplies and materials for the memory care series.  Sponsorships start at $25 for individuals and $200 for organizations.  Of course, larger amounts are greatly appreciated!  Go to and click on the Pay Now button to establish a sponsorship.  We will list you or your company as a sponsor in all promotional materials.  Plus, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping seniors as they face challenging times ahead with dementia and other cognitive disorders.


Note: a sponsorship is a marketing expense and qualifies as a business tax deduction.


Larry Kelley

President, FAAE


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